GE Capital cuts off funding to small gun stores

“GE Capital is still doing business with merchants with more diverse lines of business, including Wal-Mart Stores, the nation’s largest seller of guns and ammunition, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, he added.”

Read more at MSM Money.

3 thoughts on “GE Capital cuts off funding to small gun stores”

  1. Exactly, the gun market is lucrative in the United States. Somebody will invest and make lots of money. GE Capital can only wonder “what if?”

  2. Economics 101 says that GE Capital is missing an opportunity and that other financial operators will fill that opportunity. If GE Capital is part of the Imhelt RICO scam, all the better if honest people deal elsewhere.

  3. I’d recommend boycotting Dick’s in retaliation, until they drop GE Capital. They’re capitulators anyhow. After Newtown, they pulled rifles that ‘look like’ Hollywood guns, and won’t sell high-cap (25-rd) .22 mags.

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