4 thoughts on “Former EPA Climate Adviser Rips White House OMB Over Cost-Benefit Analysis For Green Rules”

  1. “The problems at OMB also stem, she says, from an overemphasis on cost-benefit analysis.” In other words, she wants regulations that are *not* cost-effective. Nuff said.

  2. Wait a minute. I need to check the US Code, for I thought that OMB had to do cost-benefit analysis of regulations, for that was required by law.

  3. This is one of the lawyers that convinced the Supremes that C02 is pollution, now sobbing about interference with her empire building! I’m becomming a fan of the OMB.

  4. OMB was our best defense against Al Gore and his minions when Clinton was President–both the political appointees there and the civil service regulars. The Clinton Administration was open to cost/benefit analysis. When Bush was elected, a lot of the silliness (i.e., ridiculous rules and legislative language) got stopped by Cheney’s office before they even made it to OMB.

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