Ex-Obama climate czar Browner credits skeptics with stopping climate alarmism

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers…” (Henry V, Act 4)

From an interview with the Chicago Maroon:

CM: Why do you think that climate change is an issue that has not really caught on with the American populace? There doesn’t seem to be that big of a push to do something about it.

CB: There are many reasons. One, there has been a significant campaign by the polluters against action, and they’ve spent huge amounts of money to dissuade the public from believing that everything from climate change is real to [whether] we should do anything. That’s the primary reason, I think.

8 thoughts on “Ex-Obama climate czar Browner credits skeptics with stopping climate alarmism”

  1. You’re right, BrianJay. It’s a favorite ploy of the nanny-bully: “Big Tobacco”, “Big Pharma”, “Big (insert here)” is your enemy and has you addicted to something you like, so we’ll protect you by stopping “Big (insert here).” The real goal is to stop you, of course.

  2. No its worse than that. What she means is that people like cars, electricity, gas and the products of petroleum. So instead of blaming people which would get them zero brownie points, they blame the products that people need. Then they can blame the people that produce them without attacking the consumers. Dig a little deeper and you find they don’t like consumers.

  3. The only reason they’re accusing ‘money-spending polluters’ of manipulating public opinion is that they themselves are used to spending hundred$ of million$ on NGO$ for that purpose. They figure everyone else does it.

    Funny thing, every time they think they’ve identified a ‘money-spending polluter’ trying to change opinion, it’s not much money, and it goes to a think tank instead.

    The other thing is, they can’t bring themselves to admit that opposition to the global warming craze is grass-roots.

  4. Open Letter to Carol Browner:

    Dear Ms. Browner,

    You are an idiot.


    Snorbert Zangox

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