One thought on “EU Document: Failure to act on global warming reducing EU ‘cohesion’”

  1. Sorry? There are times when even the EC comes with a comment that is so head-shakingly maladroit that, even given the EC’s bone-headed track record for inane braindead drivel, it stops me in my tracks.

    So. Let’s understand this. The streets of Portugal, Spain and Greece are rife with dissension and protest because of austerity measures, amplified by the fact that once-sovereign nations cannot devalue their currencies (because they all have the same currency and the same central bank). In the Asturias, the people are throwing stones at the police who are shooting back. Greece, the birthplace of democracy, has an undemocratically imposed PM. Italy has no workable Government.

    There has been no statistically significant warming for 17 years or more. Yet CO2 has increased in the atmosphere.

    And this EC Committee says that “Climate change impacts are also expected to widen social differences across the EU”.

    Watching these shit-for-brains from across the Channel in the UK is like watching some awful slow motion zombie car crash where the vehicles are driven by the EU undead.

    I know you have heard this many times before but, folks – SERIOUSLY….you could not make this up.

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