6 thoughts on “EPA says State Dept.’s Keystone XL analysis needs work”

  1. THIS… is probably the ONLY reason we still have some modicum to liberty left; the various “Agencies” typically end up fighting each OTHER, for money and “turf”, more than anyone else!

    If they really were unified, organized, and coordinated…… they wouldn’t have anyone else but the Citizenry…. to confront!

  2. Given the experience with Yucca mountain, we could have it fully built and liquid-full of crude and still be twenty years away from being able to draw from it.

  3. How many years has this gone on? And how many more can the bureaucracy delay it? Perfect cover for a President who doesn’t want to do it. Great deal if you are in the overland crude oil shipping business.

  4. The EPA will run defence on this so Obama doesn’t have to make the big decision. What a sorry state of affairs the empty-headed voters have forced upon the USA.

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