7 thoughts on “Democrat resolution says global warming could push women into prostituton”

  1. That is one possibility,…. the other is that GOVERNMENT SPENDING AND PERPETUAL DEBT could cause a LOT of transactions as well, NOT JUST SEX….


  2. The best way to get prostitution is to have a bunch of politicians on the town with an unlimited expense account. Of course the charges get paid by the taxpayers. That way the prostitutes aren’t the only ones getting screwed.

  3. Considering how common “transactional sex” has been across known human history, it’s hard to see how it links to climate conditions.
    If CAGW would actually increase poverty, which evidence suggests is a false position, then it might have a slight effect on prostitution and it’s true that women do bear the brunt of poverty. Our limited information suggests that increased CO2 and warmth will actually increase agricultural productivity. There are limits on that but we’re nowhere near them and science suggests that we can’t get to them.
    The chief cause of poverty worldwide is governments that stifle their people and their economies. It isn’t even agricultural production; Russia used to have shortages while produce spoiled due to lack of transport. I bet they still do.
    Give people liberty and they’ll feed and clothe each other for mutual benefit and profit. Works. Every. Time.

  4. How to think like a Democrat:
    First: Remember that Truth is irrelevant; scaring people is what counts.
    Second: Make declarative statements of the form “{target du jour} can/could/might lead to {hobgoblin of choice}.”
    Third: If you used a good adverbial qualifier, nobody can question you. If someone does question you, you have a few days to contrive a Goldberian chain of cause-and-effect to rationalize your claim and humiliate your questioners before the public and the media forgets that whole damn thing.

  5. Gender politics and global warming paranoia. There’s an EPA Superfund site of highly toxic effluvia….

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