2 thoughts on “Chicago mother wins $150K Goldman Prize for shutting down 2 coal plants”

  1. “Her campaign proved a link between the plants’ emissions and residents’ asthma attacks.”

    She didn’t prove anything. The 2011 Green award that she received for the same activism included this-


    “…says Midwest Generation spokesman Doug McFarlan, citing commissioned studies that attribute 99 percent of the particulate matter in Cook County to other sources. “One percent is still one percent,” Wasserman counters.”

    That summarizes this useful eco-idiot in two sentences.

    I wonder if her use of utility electricity from those coal plants during her 15 year war against coal is run-of-the-mill eco hypocrisy, ignorant hypocrisy, or morally bankrupt hypocrisy?

    On a positive note, she is a shoe-in for an executive position in the Illinois or federal EPA…

  2. “The property for the coal power plants could now be used for light manufacturing, retail and a park…” And the power for the manufacturing and retail will come from…?

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