7 thoughts on “Canadian Minister: ‘People aren’t as worried as they were before about global warming of 2 deg… Scientists have told us that our fears are exaggerated.’”

  1. And it was the great muddy north in the past and will be in the future even if we stop blaming mankind for the climate (and if the CO2 fails, add in methane and blame us for the melting and the methane) changes. There is and never was a “stable” climate and it’s ridiculous to think there was. The only thing climate science does is try to make humans really important and then slap them back to the stone age (where hunting wholly mammoths probably released methane too so I guess we are a parasite on the earth and need to die out). We are not that powerful.

  2. Of all the countries in the world, Canada’s great white north is turning the great muddy north. The permafrost is melting and the decaying organics locked within it are creating vast quantities of methane that is even a more powerful atmosphere warmer than CO2…

  3. He’s not casting doubt on climate science. He’s just stating the current state of climate science which is that they exaggerated claims in the past and now they are forced to admit it now.

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