Canadian Green Party: Minister should be ashamed for attacking Hansen

“Ask yourself how long we will tolerate having our highest ranking Canadian officials embarrass internationally by attacking the most courageous of scientists? It is we who are ashamed — of our government.”

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8 thoughts on “Canadian Green Party: Minister should be ashamed for attacking Hansen”

  1. “It is we who are ashamed — of our government.”

    And yet they are doing so well in supporting the IPCC:
    2011, Durban:

    “Environment Minister Peter Kent announced that the Government of Canada is contributing $1.2 billion to support international efforts to help developing countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the impacts of a changing climate.

    “Canada came to Durban to make a real contribution toward a global solution to this global issue; this signals that,” said Minister Kent. “We are hoping for an agreement that covers all emitters and providing supports for developing countries that can most use the help.”

    “Canada wants to see real reductions in emissions and real results.”

    Canada supports the 2009 Copenhagen Accord, which is a significant breakthrough in the global effort to address climate change. Our contribution of $1.2 billion in fast-start financing is an important way in which Canada is meeting its commitments.

  2. Hansen. Scientist in a past life. Activist now. And even when he was with NASA he was more of an activist than a scientist. Disgraceful how he fiddled the historical temperature record to suit his activism.

  3. As a Canadian,I am embarrassed that we should give any credence to the rantings of Ms. May. You should realise that she is the only member of her party that has been elected.They are a fringe party in Canada.,regardless of how many people vote Green.Their policies and platform will never pass muster,so we can all sleep well knowing that these pathetic bleatings are of no consequence.

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