5 thoughts on “Broke California giving away up to $55,000 vouchers to purchase hybrid/electric vehicles”

  1. The thing is, if they are more efficient, trucks are where you want to concentrate for electrification. It’s the most bang for your buck, and a lot better efficiency investment than sports cars.

  2. If it turns out these vehicles are not wanted, not even with the bribes being paid, there will still be money on the table when this sorry scam is done with. And we’ll never know about it because the Green Left media doesn’t want to report on Green Left failures.

  3. I wonder what the scrap value is for one of these vehicles?

    If you’re getting it for nothing out of pocket, and you sell off the components (engine, transmission, tires, seats, etc, etc, etc), scrapping the rest after you smash it up a bit to look like it was in an accident, you ought to be able to get enough out of it to make the time and effort getting the paperwork accomplished, worth the while.

  4. Don’t forget the school buses and passenger shuttles. Looking over the program it looks like it’s tailored to the local government, city and county, fleet sales.

    What I see here is local politicians taking government bribes from the State. The politicians and bureaucrats aren’t buying these because they make economic sense, they’re buying them so they can pander to the environmental green lobby come election time.


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