Black Enviro: Climate movement racist — Cap-and-trade ‘meant white people get all the greater goods and we get the rest’

“Until they want to have real discussions around racism, they won’t have our support. That’s what happened last time with the climate bill. It did not move, because they did not have diversity in their voices.”

Read “Mainstream green is still too white” at Grist.

8 thoughts on “Black Enviro: Climate movement racist — Cap-and-trade ‘meant white people get all the greater goods and we get the rest’”

  1. There is some truth to this. A lot of the anti CO2 measures help upper middle class to the detriment to the rest of us. An example. IN Ca we are all suppose to put Solar on our roofs, and really rich people who own nice houses can afford to do this – even with the subsdies covering half the cost. But this doesn’t help utilities generate less, so the full generation costs are now layed upon the poorer among us. In San Diego where I live we pay 16 cents per killowatt hour for the first 450 Kilowatts, and then 26cents per kwh for anything over 450 – the average house uses 900 kwh per month – how does this compare to the rest of the country paying an average of 12 cents?

    So we ended up subsidizing the upper middle class so they can pay $0 for their electicity and hurt the poor. How is this not racism?

  2. The “carbon tax” wasn’t racist, it was classist (and still is). The wealthy libs who support it want to keep the middle class and the poor constrained in our lifestyles. They don’t care whether you’re black or white or HIspanic or “other” — if you’re rich, their policies will only annoy you a little, but if you’re middle-class they are a burden and they devastate the poor. But by class, not race.

  3. There’s an old saying: “When your only tool is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail.” It is equally apt when your only tool is ‘the race card.’

  4. There’s a marriage made in Hell. Racialism meets enviro fascism. A plague on both….

  5. When a cause does no identifiable good and goes after money that is not freely given. I always question the cause. Is it a real effort at changing something, or is it a money grab. This is my litmus test.
    Habitat for Humanity, Susan G Kommen, and even Livestrong work to make change and we can see their work. Climate change, money grab.

  6. The left is after our money and want invaders to take our lands . .

    The Progressive media outlets all have said they will no longer use “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT” – Jay Leno said they will now use ‘UNDOCUMENTED DEMOCRAT.”
    Here is my take . .
    Maybe The Progressives that change the meaning of the words in the Constitution at will – can use this to replace the offensive “illegal immigrant” – they can say Alien unauthorized invaders. This wold be a very accurate description of what this group is in fact.
    Visit this huge Constitutional – American History – classic History free on site Library – all side of issues are presented for the serious students. It is not debate forum.

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