Birdbrain feminist in NYTimes: “Women can be the ‘canaries’ for climate change”; Calls for “climate justice”

The conceit: “women in developing countries are especially affected by climate change because of their need to secure food, fuel and water.”

Of course, the lives of third-world women sucked before “climate change” and would continue to suck even if climate didn’t change. In fact, climate change has nothing to do with the quality of their lives. Poverty is the problem, not climate. Even Hillary Clinton gets this (Read her speech from today available through this link. Almost seems like she gets the need for economic development).

Read more in the NYTimes.

12 thoughts on “Birdbrain feminist in NYTimes: “Women can be the ‘canaries’ for climate change”; Calls for “climate justice””

  1. I suspect that we largely agree on equality ideals but disagree on semantics. Shrug. Not worth hashing out here.

  2. Equality for women is here to stay, but feminism is dead. Feminism like ‘sex is treason’, moaning endlessly about white male chauvinistic paternalists, and demanding hiring quotas is gone with the wind. Today, the average woman in the US denies being a feminist, they’ve rejected the ‘privilege of the downtrodden’ mantras and work their ass off to get a place at the table the same as the rest of us.

  3. This is what special interest activists do; line up for the hand outs of “free stuff”. Women and minorities are allows adversely affected by ______ (fill in the blank.

  4. I thought the climate has been changing for a long, long time. It seems that we might have evolved with some ability to adapt to the climate changing.

  5. While there’s no shortage of nutty, socialist, feminist who see sexism in every drought or blizzard, feminism is hardly dead. The basic concept that no one should be arbitrarily constrained by their gender is very much main stream in the USA. We may bicker over the details but equality for women is here to stay.

  6. She didn’t dream this up on her own. The World Bank has been beating this drum as hard as it can for the last four months. You didn’t know this? That’s because nobody cares.

    In spite of recent efforts by the World Bank and others, feminism is dead. It’s a 1970s cultural dinosaur. The idea of turning people in developing nations into ‘poster children’ for a pet cause is at least three generations old, and certainly too outdated to resurrect an ideology that went out of fashion back in the era of mood rings.

    Good riddance.

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