13 thoughts on “Billionaire pledges to ‘destroy’ climate skeptics”

  1. I’m just rejecting using the alarmists’ terminology.

    Trying some marketing. We need our own name, not accepting their label.

    To wit, we are Science Believers.

    How about Einsteinian Scientists?

  2. ‘on’

    but, whatever. You’ll find my name popping up at WUWT, Nova, Real Science… just read and figure it out 😉

  3. If he hands me ten million under the table. I’ll consider being quiet. But then, I’m just a commenter on Skeptic blogs.

  4. Despite billions that the government and NGO’s have pumped into promoting AGW and the media time Gore has used, the masses have grown more skeptical. If he wants to dump a billion or two of his fortune down a rat hole, go for it, not going to make a bit of difference.

  5. What happened to the notion that local people are offended when rich billionaires from afar interefere in their elections? I hope electoral backlash hasn’t disappeared completely.

  6. These people make me sick – there is no way that this guys immense wealth has not been created/assisted via the huge use of all those things he now zealously attacks – the world has certainly got a lot of sick people in it.

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