Bastardi: Forecast — No End in Sight to AGW Excuses

“You can’t make this stuff up. The climate change “authority” has published several articles on how global warming is resulting in an increase in Southern Hemisphere ice, while the northern ice cap is supposedly set to disappear by 2050 — even as global sea ice is back above normal.”

Read more at the Patriot Post.

One thought on “Bastardi: Forecast — No End in Sight to AGW Excuses”

  1. I have encountered similar ‘thinking’ in debating religious zealots.
    The psychological defense mechanisms at work include blindness to contradictory evidence, inability to objectively evaluate conditions, and a fanatic unwillingness to abandon the ‘comfort zone’ of cherished belief system.
    Most people who have no experience at critical thinking devoutly believe the first statements they hear/read on any given topic, and thereafter use those statements to pass judgements on the Truth or Falsity of any related subsequent statements.
    The mental convolutions they perform when trying to rationalize/harmonize their views with a contrary but undisputable reality are often amusing to the objective observer.

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