Arkansas Tar Sands Oil Spill: ‘Well we could see oil running down the road like a river’; More photos

“The spill, along with a train accident Wednesday that spilled 15,000 gallons in Minnesota, has brought Big Oil and Canadian tar sands into the spotlight.”

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5 thoughts on “Arkansas Tar Sands Oil Spill: ‘Well we could see oil running down the road like a river’; More photos”

  1. Oil is “corrosive” ? Since when ?

    OK, was it 15,000 gallons; or 80,000 gallons ? Leaking 80,000 gallons in 45 minutes would require a flow of about 1700 gallons per minute – that’s a lot in any book !

  2. We have to transport petroleum and refinery products. Any means of moving them will have occasional mishaps and the mishaps are going to do damage. It is reasonable to minimize the risk of mishaps and reasonable to remediate the situation afterward. The cost of remediation is enormous and the petroleum industry knows this. They’re going to do whatever seems feasible to prevent leaks.
    Pipelines are almost certainly safer than trains.
    If we had a 12-hour strike by the energy industry, cutting off all home energy and retail sales like gasoline, people would have a new respect for what they need and who provides it. Maybe.

  3. A man from New Orleans complained to Markey at a hearing that his fish sales were hurt by the pictures of the oil leak from the PB problem well. Markey was responsible for the oil spill pictures.

    And CNN had a girl reporter go up in a blimp a day or two after the PB well was capped. See could not find any surface oil. That positive news was overwhelmed by Markey’s video.

    He is such a jackass.

  4. ‘”Whether it’s the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, or … (the) mess in Arkansas, Americans are realizing that transporting large amounts of this corrosive and polluting fuel is a bad deal for American taxpayers and for our environment,” Representative Ed Markey (D- Mass.) told Reuters.’

    So we should do without oil? Hundreds of millions will die.

    “Exxon told AlterNet that at least 80,000 gallons of oil spewed out of the line, which local police said gushed for about 45 minutes before being stopped.”

    Exxon said “spewed?” I call BS.

    Local police said “gushed?” More BS.

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