3 thoughts on “Anti-Keystone activists to sponsor BBQ featuring ‘tar sands-free beef’ — Irony: Livestock produce 9% of global emissions, Keystone 0.2%”

  1. Thank you for sage advice. I would recharacterize Wiki, to wit: it’s pretty good for most things, but for controversial subjects it can become a captive to interest groups.

    Nonetheless, your comment strictly speaking misses the mark. I remember the fact that livestock was 18% of human emissions (from whatever source, I can’t remember), so I looked it up. Wiki was the first source I considered and it confirmed my prior belief. I await your correction to my correction. So I ask, “What is the correct percentage?”

  2. david, not sure I would use Wiki as a source, it’s fairly replete with hyperbole and dogma, and more than a few errors. And you can bet that any article titled “livestock’s long shadow” is rife with agendas.

  3. Livestock emissions are twice what’s stated…. 18% of total emissions. From Wikipedia on “livestock’s long shadow:”
    Following a Life Cycle Analysis approach, the report evaluates “that livestock are responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, a bigger share than that of transport.”.[3]

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