6 thoughts on “Al Gore Goes Biblical in Ireland: Climate change is causing devastation like that depicted in ‘Revelations’”

  1. Guess al goreeza figures it is money well spent just to prove his point about sea levels rising. After all $10 million is a drop in the bucket of $1 billion.

  2. Al Gore has made close to one billion dollars from the man made global warming scam.
    He has recently purchased a 30,000 sq. feet. $ 10 million ocean front property in California, while telling people that global warming will make the sea level rise and will destroy everything along coastlines…..

  3. Al Gore is very successful at this and has made hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars from his little scam. AGW is a huge endeavor that supports and will continue to support major universities, industries and politicians right until the point that the government goes bankrupt.

  4. Keep in mind al gorzeera was in seminary and failed at that as well as everything else he has tried.

  5. Religion is the last resort of scoundrels – especially lefty scoundrels. (And lefty scoundrels otherwise deride the truly faithful.)

  6. Of course the cognoscenti know that the last book of the New Testament is actually “Revelation”.
    The predictions of Revelation, like those of Nostradamus, can be fit into almost any period of the last two thousand years. And have been.

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