20 Years Ago: 4-18-93 — Feds designate Rachel Carson home as national landmark

A monument to deadly junk science.

For more on Rachel Carson, read JunkScience.com’s “100 Things You Need to Know About DDT.”

Read the article below.


Home of Early Environmentalist Designated National Landmark
April 18, 1993, Associated Press

The former home of Rachel Carson, whose book “Silent Spring” helped touch off the modern environmental movement, was designated as a national landmark in a Sunday ceremony.

“She was the mother of the ecology movement,” said Diana Post, executive director of the Rachel Carson Council.

“Silent Spring,” which described the dangers of pesticides, sold more copies in 1992, its 30th anniversary year, than in the year it was published, Ms. Post said. The book has been one of the most influential forces in the environmental movement in the United States.

The Department of the Interior, in a hour-long ceremony, declared thehouse a landmark and dedicated a plaque that will be displayed in the home where Carson spent four years writing and researching “Silent Spring.”

The structure, which Carson designed and built in 1957, is now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Urick.

Carson died of cancer in 1964, two years after the publication of “Silent Spring.” She was 54 years old.

The Rachel Carson Council was formed at the author’s request using money she left to continue her crusade for the environmental movement.

6 thoughts on “20 Years Ago: 4-18-93 — Feds designate Rachel Carson home as national landmark”

  1. She vilified DDT—which had monsterous effects on Africa and other areas.
    The mosquitoes did not become “immune” they would just not land and bite, so it was thought they were immune. Such has been disproven. We do not even need mosquitoes unless you buy into the “ecsystem” jargon. We DO need bees—-DDT did not hurt these complex biological systems of bees.

  2. Rachel Carson never advocated a total ban on pesticides. She only advocated that they be used safely. The indiscriminant use of DDT resulted in mosquitoes that are immune to its effects. By using DDT in a safe and responsible way, it can continue to be effective.

    Learn the facts. Don’t vilify Rachel Carson.

  3. Need to take one of those giant bugs from an exterminator truck and drop it on the front lawn. A mosquito would be the perfect memorial to RC.

  4. Senator Joe McCarthy’s work has been equally distorted, but in the opposite direction, and his name is routinely used as a pejorative. (He’s even routinely associated with HUAC, which was a House organ and which was controlled by dems for the majority of its existence.)

    Never let the facts get in the way of a useful emotional put-down.

  5. Carson must have wanted a memorial to herself as long a sthe money would last. A fire hydrant in a dog park might be more fitting.

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