20 Years Ago: 4-15-93 — Greenpeace says its goal is to end the use of oil by 2013

Let’s see how that worked out.

1993 global oil use – 65.5 million barrels per day
2013 global oil use – 90 million barrels per day (est.)

Original Article below.

Calgary Herald, April 15, 1993

Economic Development Minister Don Sparrow says a campaign by Greenpeace activists to eliminate the oil industry smacks of extremism and could wreak havoc on Alberta.

“That’s an extremist position — very extremist,” Sparrow said Tuesday, after Greenpeace International executive director Paul Gilding said the group’s objective is to phase out the use of oil in the next 20 years.

Oil and gas still represent 18.7 per cent of the Alberta government’s income, but that figure was as high as 54.5 per cent in 1982.
“I’m a good environmentalist and I consider 80 per cent of Albertans to be very fair and reasonable. We go over the deep end with extremists,” said Sparrow.

He jumped to the oil industry’s defense, saying: “They’re our best environmentally sensitive companies that we’ve got.”
Although Sparrow is a strong defender of the industry as a mainstay of Alberta’s economy, a Greenpeace study entitled Energy Without Oil says other energy sources are readily available that would not bankrupt oil-dependent economies.

“They’re dreaming in Technicolor if they expect to do that in 20 years,” New Democrat Leader Ray Martin said of the Greenpeace objective of phasing out oil.

Although Martin supports the increased use of alternate energy such as ethanol and methanol, he does not believe gasoline-fuelled cars or nuclear power are things of the past.

But the environmental group says oil and other fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas must be phased out to reduce global warming and acid rain, as well as end oil spills.

4 thoughts on “20 Years Ago: 4-15-93 — Greenpeace says its goal is to end the use of oil by 2013”

  1. And that is why modern developed countries need to put environmentalists on their domestic terrorism list and start dismantling them.
    Good post IVillageIdiot.

  2. These goals from the 70s always make me snicker. “Oil” is the second most prevalent liquid on the planet, its as “natural” as water! Its only used for fuel at about 25% or so of the production’s capacity. The OTHER 75% is used for practically EVERYTHING ELSE from plastics to some types of “Personal Lubricants”.

    I honestly don’t know what crawls into these knot-heads sometimes.

    Imagine a world without all of these other products?!?!?!? I don’t think the hippies really understand that the paganism they seek, would mean their own deaths in many cases. There really would be no MODERNITY without oil and its multitude of products, it would be back to the agrarian past of the 18th and 19th Century. It would NOT be like the Garden of Eden with fruits and vegetables in surplus, laid out on clean tables waiting to be eaten, and nubile debutantes laying around with nothing better to do….

    It would be a HARSH, HARSH world just like it used to be…

    If you really, really, really…. did not want to live here in modernity with the rest of us, there are uninhabited islands and deep dark woods in the world in which you could find new homes to live. GO THERE and live out your lives for the short lime you’ll have left. There are STILL tribes in the Amazon that have never been touched, go out there and live with them!

    And that is where I think the problem truly begins. Its not so much that THEY want to live sans-modernity, it that they want to INFLICT that on everyone else!!!! Pagans gone wild!!!!!

    It just like this “biking community” that infests downtown areas. It isn’t that they want to ride into work starting out oh-dark-thirty, getting a good sweat up on the way in, sloshing through the cold rain and sleet and snow… THEY WANT TO PROVE SOMETHING TO YOU! That THEY are right, and you’re a lazy bourgeois pig! Somehow, because you don’t want get all sweaty and dirty and tired on the way into work, YOU’RE THE BUM! They hate YOU because you won’t adapt THEIR example. Then,… they want to key your car and flip you the International Symbol for disgust.

    It is WEIRD and fanatical! And I suspect, underneath all that smug, self-righteous exterior act they put on, is a very dangerous mind, intent on foisting it’s will upon others, regardless of the consequences for Humanity.

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