6 thoughts on “Why Paul Ehrlich and other Malthusians are always wrong”

  1. The nice thing about being an environmentalist is that you are never held accountable for making absolutely stupid claims that do not come true. In fact, you are honored for making such claims and revered as an elder statesman. There seems to be lot’s of money in it. Sure seems like a great scam.

  2. The amazing reduction in fecundity world wide and the miraculous improvements in agriculture gives room for the ridicule of Malthus and Ehrlich. Just look at the illegal immigration problem with Mexico. It was generated by the Catholic pope telling Mexicans that birth control was a sin, and has been mitigated by Mexican women having more rational family size.

    In his 1803 essay, Malthus predicted the hazard of using the efficient potato as the food staple for Ireland and suggested that the potato seemed more susceptible to disease.

  3. Ehrlich is like Obamao. Everything that comes out of his mouth is WRONG.

    Maybe it is because he is built upside down?

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