2 thoughts on “Warmist Worry: Carbon emissions blow right past financial crisis”

  1. “While this is by no means a comprehensive scientific analysis” Yep. I’ll agree with that.
    You might look at carbon use in places like India and China. I believe this was once called “industrialization” and regarded as generally positive. Now it seems to be a big negative because of increased “carbon” use. I wonder if the presentation had more meat in it than Mr. Donner put in his blog. I got the idea that he is not a very quantitative fellow if he studies “why climate matters.”

  2. This seems like more-errant-than-most nonsense. In each deviation, the carbon emissions did recover to the point they’d have reached without the deviation and then pass that level.
    Perhaps a major reason that carbon continues to rise steeply is that low-carbon users are becoming higher-carbon users; I suspect most high-carbon users will raise their carbon by only small margins (me, for example — I already use nearly all the petroleum, natural gas and electricity that I’m likely to use). There are a lot of low-carbon — poor — people who are moving toward better standards of living and that will raise their carbon use greatly.
    Which (let’s all say it together) is just fine, since human production of CO2 has too small an influence on climate or weather to matter.

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