4 thoughts on “WaPo on Snowquester Bust: ‘It’s Nature that messed this up’”

  1. When reality diverges from the model and you blame reality, of course you’re either being sarcastic or you’re a loon. With journalists these days, it’s hard to sort that out…

  2. I first read the WUWT analysis of the WashPo article, then I read the article itself, and I have no clue what the author’s intention was. It’s either deadly serious, the kind of material that far-left liberals label as the “truth” because what ever comes out of their mouths at the time is the truth, or else this is classic channeling of the Hitchhiker’s Guide….

  3. The article makes some honest points. Weather and nature are chaotic and you will never get a perfect weather report.
    Now if she could have gone a step further and said that, for the same reasons, it is even more impossible to predict what the global climate will be decades from now. And that all the computer simulations are useless.

    But that would be asking too much.

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