WaPo History Rewrite: ‘Cheap energy hobbles global prosperity’

Cheap energy (aka fossil fuels) has been the biggest boon to prosperity, public health and the environment — ever. Even without its meager subsidies, fossil fuels are by far the choice to power the planet for the foreseeable future.

Read more at the Washington Post.

3 thoughts on “WaPo History Rewrite: ‘Cheap energy hobbles global prosperity’”

  1. The editorial board of the WaPo obviously hates poor people and the middle class. They want to constrain our standard of living and to keep the “pet poor” dependent and miserable.
    Gamecock, the WaPo and the Crone are nearly indistinguishable in policy advocacy, accuracy, objectivity and so on. “Asteroid to hit earth, women and minorities hardest hit, associated with global warming” is a headline they both keep loaded and locked.

  2. Up is down, down is up, cold is hot, hot is cold. Cheap energy is good. Cheap energy is bad. Come on, keep up! It’s like having a 3 year old explain how the window in the house got broken. “A giant rock just flew through it.” No wait “The window threw itself at the rock and broke.” Or maybe……

  3. Nonsensical . . . poorly written . . . I thought it was the New York Times. I had to check the URL.

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