Video: Nuremberg-Trials-for-Skeptics-Guy says Earth’s surface temp may reach 180-degrees F by 2300 without emissions curbs

But the Earth only re-radiates so much radiation for CO2 to absorb and there’s already a surfeit of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Here’s the clip:

Here’s the entire original video.

10 thoughts on “Video: Nuremberg-Trials-for-Skeptics-Guy says Earth’s surface temp may reach 180-degrees F by 2300 without emissions curbs”

  1. Me? I think all these warmists should be recycled and used for pet food. I wouldn’t eat one myself ‘cos they are contaminated with bullshit.

  2. “…places that were an average of 80 degrees Fahrenheit will now be an average of 170 or 180 degrees Fahrenheit..” I love the math. A 6-12 degree centigrade average global temperature increase results in a 90-100 degree Fahrenheit average temperature increase. The talk went completely off the cliff after that. Before that it was just running at the cliff.

  3. The couple I’ve dipped into have not been high-level, Bob.
    Of course the idea that the temps will change in a linear fashion due to CO2 has never had any credibility, even with Mann and Hansen. They get their catastrophe by two methods: predicting positive feedbacks, which are unlikely, and claiming that a 2C change will be catastrophic, which also seems unlikely to me.

  4. “Climate change” will become uncontrollable? I strongly suspect that we have not in the past, do not have now and will not in the foreseeable future have the ability to control climate change. We cannot keep it static nor can we roll it back to some supposedly better climate. He should be arguing AGW, but the use of a very imprecise reference to “climate change” blows any argument in my mind.

    I thought the TED talks were a higher level of science.

  5. I have almost thirty years of experience of interrogation, something in which I was most rigorously trained. I would be prepared to state, quite categorically, that this man knows that he is not speaking the truth.
    His body language is defensive, his speech patterns are all wrong. His frequent ‘coughs’, his umming an ahhing all point to an abject fear of immediate confrontation by someone who knows the truth. He is afraid that someone is going to call him out and demonstrate, quite conclusively, that he is lying.
    And he knows it.

  6. Idiots. The scary part, on reading the comments, is that they have followers. I am not a big fan of guns and arming one’s self for personal protection, but these nuts really disturb me. They promote terrorism.

  7. The earth is in one of two climate states, either 14C or 22C, so a 12 degree rise would only put it in the other state.

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