2 thoughts on “The Guardian on UK air pollution: ‘Why are we only now waking up to this public health crisis?’”

  1. “Only now waking up…”? Western nations, especially the UK and EU nations, have been bent out of shape about air pollution for my entire life. That’s like saying James Hansen has been silenced.
    The UK does have high population density and probably does have a good deal of exhaust fumes. They can’t be doing anyone any good even if specific linkage to death rates is elusive. This is why a really effective transport energy system without burning, or without residue from burning, would be very desirable. There are a lot of “desirables”, though, and moving people and things is among them. Making driving ridiculously expensive in order to reduce its use, all in the name of health, would have consequences much worse than the health issues we know about.

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