Suit filed against EPA over killing bees

“This first-ever suit filed in San Francisco says the EPA is allowing the “ongoing use of pesticide products,” known as neonicotinoids in violation of federal law.”

Read more at the Washington Times.

Check out Syngenta’s view:

One thought on “Suit filed against EPA over killing bees”

  1. The EPA is killing beekeeper livelihoods, not bees. As far as I can find, only “kept” bees suffer colony collapse and so forth. It is the jobs that are at risk, NOT the bees (they are of secondary concern, it seems). It was the Unnatural moving of bees to human-kept hives that may be more to blame for the plight of the beesn than the insecticides. Perhaps the environmentalists should start protesting the keeping of bees as an industry. It seems to be upsetting that natural world they so love.

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