9 thoughts on “Study: Liberal Homeowners Use Less Electricity”

  1. What this study might indicate instead is level of anti-science embraced by Democrats in their pursuit of mitigating ‘the challenge of climate change.’ This pursuit being anti-science because it appears Democrats dismiss the detailed science assessments by skeptic scientists out-of-hand via demonstratively false notions about ‘consensus opinion’ validating what we see, and about skeptic climate scientists being ‘paid to lie by the fossil fuel industry about the settled science of global warming’.

  2. If you divide any group into two subs and measure almost any element, the groups will vary to some degree. This seems to me to be very shaky in the rigor department.

  3. Did they check for multiple residences (or control for the size of the homes/families)? Maybe the lefties head to their mountain cabins when it gets hot. Or to the mall. And is 5% statistically significant?

  4. Please provide facts not just anecdotal crap. I don’t believe all those rich elitist lefties in the big cities with the big houses use less electricity.

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