5 thoughts on “Starbucks to defy Bloomberg sugary drink ban”

  1. Any retailers who plan to defy the ban should try for an injunction first. I can see the nanny-staters going storm trooper on this. The legal proceedings that would follow might look like Kafka’s “The Trial”.

  2. BUT . . . Starbucks has endorsed concealed carry in their stores, resulting in considerable Libtard angst.

  3. It is doubtful that Starbuck is suddenly endorsing sound science and defying the junkscience surrounding sugar, salt or climate change.

    This is the same Starbucks that serves “recombinant bovine growth hormone-free” milk and politically-correct, fair trade coffee in green-environmentally responsible cups.

  4. Starbucks was the place that refused to give me salt to go with a sandwich I bought there, commenting that salt was bad for my health.

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