6 thoughts on “Prof Tells Students to Lobby for Soda Bans to Get an ‘A’”

  1. A different era than when I was an undergrad. Back in the dark ages a Stat instructor offered to cancel his final and give everyone who went with him to protest the Cambodian incursion an A. Having earned the grade I too strong exception to him giving it away and had a discussion with him after class about his job not being political activism and offered to complain to the Department head. We had the exam. Probably couldn’t get away with stuff like that today.

  2. Oh the joys of being an engineer. I was taught outright that anyone who believed a mathematical model further than he could throw the mainframe was a fool, and any idiot who thought he could model a fluidized bed reactor, much less the climate, was as trustworthy as someone trying to sell the Golden Gate Bridge.

  3. Professor Banzhaf has a lengthy history of ludditism, bullying of students and legal chicanery. If I had attended any school where he taught, I would have avoided his classes as I would the plague or strong drink.

  4. Heaven help you if you disagree with the man. I hope this isn’t a required course. Surely the college has some policy against political discrimination.

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