Poll: Most Valuable Warmist — Al Gore or Mike Mann?

Who is the Most Valuable Warmist? Take our poll.

Al Gore’s well-known, over-the-top and hypocritical global warming alarmism has long made him the best opponent skeptics could ever have wished for. But Michael Mann is coming on strong. His hokey stick brought on Climategate, the gift that keeps on giving more than three years later. And Mann’s oft-displayed petulance, paranoia and self-pity (whether feigned or real) can make Al Gore look like a solon.

16 thoughts on “Poll: Most Valuable Warmist — Al Gore or Mike Mann?”

  1. An uniformed but rich fool versus the poster child for monumental egoism. What a tough decision. Fools I can laugh at. Egoists make me grind my teeth. I cast my vote for the egotist.

  2. Come on – it has to be Gore hands down – he is obviously so concerned about the environment he’s made millions out of the scam.

    One day the public will see this and the backlash will be devastating for the cause.

  3. Was Sandusky a recipient of government grant money, too? I mean, the federales seem to have no compunction about funding snail sex studies, so why not fund a study of the sexual proclivities of snakes with little boys? Or better yet, was he one of the “peer reviewers” of the bullshit that comes out of Penn State, UVa, East Anglia, and the IPCC? Maybe Steyn is really on to something.

  4. Agreed. Mike Mann is the weasel in the hen house. Mike is engaged in a dirty war of lies and deceit. He’s the proof that the warmists aren’t interested in facts, but in control. Al Gore is just a big blowhard. His hypocrisy and ignorance help the skeptics, but it doesn’t really expose the “hoax” aspect of AGW like Mann hiding evidence and coaching the coverup.

  5. Have to admit, though, that if they ever co-author a book on how to get rich on bull shit, we would be wise to read it.

  6. The image of a greasy-haired snake-oil salesman or of a smug, preening prima dona with his tree cross-section. One “complements” the other wonderfully.

  7. For the casual observer, Gore is an obvious hypocrite and carpetbagger and the largest, best known face to spit at.

    For the interested, Gore is is also easily dismissed as the celebrity face in the front. Mann is the head of the scientific movement. His obviously corrupt science, going to the point of being a “denier” of natural climate change by rewriting history. Even casual familiarity with the Roman or Medieval Warm Periods causes you to have serious doubts about the hockeystick..

    The nomination of Hansen is recognized, but while his abilities to affect the record are suspicous, and his adjustments highly questionable, they do not have the same power as Mann’s hockeystick attempt.because he can argue that his adjustments are best reflective of the actual temperature (you don’t want wrong data, do you?), and his alarmism is a natural outflow from the data that he has available. It’s not obviously wrong until you compare the 1990 temperature history to today’s

  8. I chose “Other”. Jim Hansen gets to cook the books almost literally and that’s what keeps the con going..

  9. I voted for Al Gore, after whom the Gore effect has been coined and Gorbal warming is becoming a household term. Few of us knew the earth’s core was millions of degrees until he brought that to our knowledge (with only a little temperature adjustment now commonly accepted in climate science).

  10. Don’t forget he has/needs TWO mansions, a seaside multimillion condo and a brand new yacht My vote is for Gore the warning whooore.

  11. Yes, Gorbal worming is in full swing. With his mansion and jet, his investments in carbon tax schemes and speaking engagements, Al is the Rodney Dangerfield of climate science.

  12. Ditto. Among ordinary citizens, people will respond “Michael who?”

    And as I’ve said in my own pieces, Gore not only is the main worldwide mouthpiece for AGW, hard scrutiny of his own contradictory narratives have the potential for collapsing the whole thing: “Smearing Skeptic Scientists: What did Gore know and when did he know it?” http://ow.ly/hC4C6

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