4 thoughts on “NYU Nanny Nestle on Soda Ban Decision: ‘Corporate health 1, public health 0’”

  1. The issue is not health or craziness. The issue is government exercising powers that it has not been granted by the people or by the States.

  2. The corporations turn a profit by providing something I like and am willing to spend money on. Some corporations have made nothing on me — I’ve bought one pack of cigarettes in my life and that was for a friend’s use. I have used less Red Bull than would fill a kitchen sink in my entire life.
    The corporate health comes from providing a product that people value; corporations have never succeeded with products people don’t value (see Edsel and “Ishtar” as examples).
    The nannies appropriate to themselves the tax funds and the authority to try to run my life. They do this with the collusion of voters who see the goodies and the warm feelings and miss the soft shackles.
    Who should I support? Who should I oppose? Easy questions.

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