NYTimes Attack on Food Industry: ‘Of Fraud and Filet’

Frank Bruni writes, “Where there’s money, there’s mischief, and food isn’t exempt.” But same could be said of organic lobby and food nanny political power and pressure.

“Organic” is a marketing con that was created of the Gooberment, Bill Clinton’s administration to be precise. Food labeling is another consumer fraud and failure perpetrated by “progressives.” And let’s not forget the multi-decadal fraud of the food police.

Read more at the NYTimes.

One thought on “NYTimes Attack on Food Industry: ‘Of Fraud and Filet’”

  1. The definition of “organic” good is flimsy and the benefits of “organic” food are even more so. “Organic” vegetables have featured heavily in e. coli outbreaks. But we knew all this.

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