New Global Warming Terror: ‘And in 100 years time, we could lose most of the big sequoias’

So claims the USGS.


The Sierra Nevada has long experienced swings in climate. In fact, up until about 5,000 years ago, sequoias may have been near extinction after being pushed back to meadow edges and along creek corridors…

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8 thoughts on “New Global Warming Terror: ‘And in 100 years time, we could lose most of the big sequoias’”

  1. Even these 200-year-old youngsters have been through a lot:

    Scotland is not a safe haven, climate-wise. I predict many of these giants will topple in the wind when they grow tall enough, or, if they are smart enough, they will stop growing beyond a certain combination of height and crown area, or maybe they will allow the wind to prune their tops and branches instead of taking them down entirely.

    The tallest and oldest of the giant sequoias are found in deep valleys or on steep mountainsides, which hints at the relative importance of wind over other factors.

  2. Other way around; the sequoias are older than Joshua trees. Bristle Cone Pine are considered to be the oldest living trees on earth; up to 5,000 years old. The bristle cone pines live at higher elevations so they do not get as large as the sequoias.

  3. The sequoias have been through a lot. I think a few are thought to be a thousand years old. Some Joshua trees are thought to be close to four thousand years old.
    So what happened to the sequoias from over a thousand years ago? Even the greatest trees seem to be mortal. The species seems to be able to get through a lot, though.

  4. Considering the age of some of those trees, I’d guess temps might actually have been higher on some when they first sprouted from seed.

  5. The Sequoias in the Sierra Mountains are mainly in National Park. But of the tall trees along the California coast,more than 90% have been cut down for dog houses, picnic tables and fences. What’s left is mostly facade.

  6. So what do geologists know about live trees? If they are sucking the global warming teat they obviously know little about their chosen field; geology.

  7. The past 200 years of warming has done nothing but good to the big sequoias planted in Scotland. Those that did die most likely died form cold.

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