6 thoughts on “National Research Council: Petroleum use, GHG emissions could drop 80% by 2050 with ‘strong government policies’”

  1. In their world guys, theory is everything, consequences, facts, results are meaningless. It ain’t pixie dust in the gas tamk, it’s angel dust in their snouts.

  2. No, this is in fact an unattainable goal. Even with the proffered policies this won’t work, simply because the induced poverty and suffering arising from it will cause an end to the policies or the government, or both.

    No simulation model will ever capture this affect, and it is nearly universal throughout history.

  3. Photovoltaic energy has been just around the corner since around 1900. Around the corner and running like hell…

  4. Getting methanol from lignocellulosic fuels is easy, just add hot steam and some caustic. Converting the cellulose back to starch and ethanol faces a thermodynamic hump which will require lots of energy.

    The committee says “The technology advances required to meet the 2050 goals are challenging and not assured. Nevertheless, the committee considers that dramatic cost reduction and overall performance enhancement is possible without unpredictable technology breakthroughs.” Perhaps we can figure out how to burn water in an engine, yeah that would work.

    But the major shortcoming in the article is that it does not articulate the reason that achieving the “goal” is desirable.

  5. “Petroleum use, GHG emissions could drop 80% by 2050 with ‘strong government policies’”

    You can’t run a car on government policies. Even strong ones.

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