6 thoughts on “Michael Mann supports excluding opponents from blog comments?”

  1. It’s an interesting article. How much does one allow people whose only goal is to call the blogger stupid, irresponsible and ramble on forever with no useful information to participate on a blog? I try to allow discussion, but long posts can be off-putting. I suppose it depends on the reason for the blog–if you want to encourage free thought, you let people comment as unfettered as possible. If you tire of dealing with trolls, you always cut out the comments. While there is the idea of free speech, there’s also the fact that someone may be paying for blog space and they spend time writing. It’s their blog–they can do as they like. (i hope no one pays some of these trolls. What waste of money.)

  2. Paid propaganda trolls are so useless and ineffective that the concept can only have come from the leftist mind.

  3. I’ve heard of paid-for trolls, but only as part of lame accusations made by people who can’t put together a rational argument.

    Do such trolls actually exist? Trolls are so common that they either represent a thriving industry, or volunteer their efforts to such an extent that hiring them is unnecessary.

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