4 thoughts on “Michael Bloomberg: Hand Guns More Deadly Than ‘Assault Weapons’”

  1. Let’s be fair to Bloomberg, as he is not fair to others. Most firearms homicides and suicides in the US involve handguns; that includes crimes and justifiable events alike. In that sense, handguns are more deadly than rifles and shotguns by a wide margin.
    Most defensive firearms uses in the US are also with handguns. That’s not a sweeping indictment of handguns, it’s just in the nature of how people use firearms.

  2. Actually, Black drug gangs are more deadly than all guns. Bloomberg should eliminate the most deadly components – Blacks gangs or drugs. Either would reduce deaths.

  3. Daniel Halper is just a stenographer for the Libtards.

    “Bloomberg brought these numbers up to make the case for stricter background checks on gun buyers.”

    Bloomberg doesn’t explain how these numbers and “stricter” background checks are related. No case is made. Mr. Halper applies no critical thinking, simply regurgitating what he heard.

  4. Michael Bloomberg has a bad case of mouth diarrhea. Mr. Mayor, I suggest you put the crooks in prison for a good long stretch and forget the social engineering of probation and other forms of pop-psychology.

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