8 thoughts on “Memo to Nuclear Industry: Knock off the warmism”

  1. All the money spent building up the strategic reserve is included in the supposed “subsidies” to the oil companies. I suppose people think that the oil companies should just “donate” all that oil instead of selling it to the US government (at a nice discount, btw). The also count all the money used to assist low income homeowners pay their fuel bills. But again, I doubt they would want to end those programs. These two programs account for half of the supposed “subsidies”, so when you hear that from now on you know that it’s just BS.

  2. Yes, my impression is that they want to stop everything that does not hurt the “fossil fuel” business, including the simple lack of hurt. Home heating aid does not (ostensibly) offset utilities’ profits, therefore it must be stopped. It also appears that they include in “one trillion” the taxpayers’ money not yet spent on regulating the energy companies out of existence, because they clearly want to count those funds as support for “clean energy”. No-brainer, eh?

  3. So according to the Forbes article the oil companies don’t really get “Subsidies” as in tax money from people that pay taxes but like most businesses write off business investments. So called Oil subsidies, our actual tax money, do go to pay for programs that help pay for heating oil for low income people. Are these the subsidies the libs want to stop? I’m confused.

  4. Gotta use arguments that will sway the enviros. Now they have to pick which catastrophe they will support.

  5. I always hear about the BILLIONS of dollars of subsidies given to oil companies but no one ever has ever shown me where they are paid tax payers money. I see lots of money earned by the companies being poured back into exploration and development but not subsidies from the government. Anything you can point to?

  6. I think subsidies are guilty until proven innocent. As far as energy subsidies go, we can start rolling back the fossil fuel subsidies that support effective energy right after we end green subsidies that support ineffective energy.

  7. They probably thought it was a no-brainer and would work instantly. Like this (from a comment on g+):

    > a no-brainer policy that could take one trillion tax dollars from Big Oil and reinvest it in green energy – sign now!

    48 hours for Brazil to save the world »
    One million people have called on world leaders to end fossil fuel subsidies at the Rio Earth Summit…

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