9 thoughts on “Mayor Bloomberg: ‘Obesity is killing more than 5,000 New Yorkers each year’; Links deaths to soda consumption”

  1. Reporters take pride in not taking a side in a dispute. “That is stupid” would be forbidden. Yet they do not report all the claims of alien abductions with their associated anal probes. And they report the claims of Republicans that president Obama refuses to work with them when Senator McConnell said his goal in life was to keep the President to a single term. And all those filibusters! Yes, the media are fools. But they reflect accurately the American people. (Europeans are just as bad.)

  2. Yep. All of those people that were pushed in front of a subway train were drinking an oversized pop.

  3. MT Geoff:
    the original article in the ISME Journal:
    Excerpt relevant to the human subject:
    During our clinical studies, we found that Enterobacter, a genus of opportunistic, endotoxin-producing pathogens (Sanders and Sanders, 1997), made up 35% of the gut bacteria in a morbidly obese volunteer (weight 174.8 kg, body mass index 58.8 kg m−2) suffering from diabetes, hypertension and other serious metabolic deteriorations (Table 1). The volunteer lost 30.1 kg after 9 weeks, and 51.4 kg after 23 weeks, on a diet composed of whole grains, traditional Chinese medicinal foods and prebiotics (WTP diet, Supplementary Information; Supplementary Figure 1), with continued amelioration of hyperinsulinemia, hyperglycemia and hypertension until most metabolic parameters improved to normal ranges (Table 1). After 9 weeks on the WTP diet, this Enterobacter population in the volunteer’s gut reduced to 1.8%, and became undetectable by the end of the 23-week trial, as shown in the clone library analysis (Table 1; Supplementary Figures 2 and 3). The serum–endotoxin load, measured as LPS-binding protein (Schumann et al., 1990), dropped markedly during weight loss, along with substantial improvement of inflammation, decreased level of interleukin-6 and increased adiponectin (Table 1). Metagenomic sequencing of the volunteer’s fecal samples at 0, 9 and 23 weeks on the WTP diet confirmed that during weight loss, the Enterobacteriaceae family was the most significantly reduced population (Supplementary Figure 4).

  4. We’re still iffy on linking obesity to deaths at all. Skinny people have strokes and heart attacks and colon cancer. Fat people live well into their eighties. I’m sure my sweetheart’s weight is part of why it’s harder for her to move around but she has no evidence of heart disease nor high cholesterol. I weigh much less and I have a little bursitis going on too.
    Obesity is esthetically off-putting to a lot of people and I’m one. Its health aspects are much more ambiguous.
    tadchem, I know the world was shocked when researchers identified the bacterium that was responsible for peptic ulcer disease — this after years of treatment with tranquilizers and antacids and stress programs. I have only read about the gut-bacteria-obesity link in your comments so far. I don’t know if the bacteria in question can be eliminated from the bowel without serious consequences — the bowel is a complex ecosystem.

  5. So far only one clinically proven CAUSE for human obesity has been identified: the combination of Gram-negative bacteria thriving in the alimentary canal with a high-fat diet. These bacteria convert dietary lipids (fats and oils) into lipopolysaccharide endotoxins (powerful irritants) which the bacteria release into the alimentary canal (bowel) when they die. The endotoxins are 100% effective (!) at triggering the mammalian body (the researchers used germ-free mice) to absorb fat and store it in the abdomen. These endotoxins also trigger inflammation – and the chronic diseases associated with inflammation – throughout the body.
    The human body oxidizes sugars for energy, and is chemically incapable of the opposite reaction, reducing the sugars, that is required to convert sugars into fats.
    Sugar cannot make people fat!
    Bloomberg is a living example of Goethe’s Maxim “Nothing is more terrifying than Ignorance in Action.”

  6. I wish it were that simple. Obesity is genetic if you are genetically predisposed to be obese there is no one food or drink that will cause it. If you are not genetically predisposed to be obese all the sugary soft drinks in the world won’t make you obese. What bothers me more about Bloomberg and others who spout similar nonsense is that they have no common sense and yet we choose them to lead and protect us. Perhaps sugary soft drinks make voters stupid…

  7. With only 20% of his students reading at grade level, Bloomberg is creating the dumbest city in the world. He might want to fix that.

  8. Bloomberg is a petty tyrant. All that is necessary to stop him is a responsible press. If just one reporter responded to his announcements with, “That’s stupid,” his reign of terror would end. But the press has died.

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