LOST: Secretary Kerry Still Pushing Law Of The Sea Treaty

“Under LOST, any economic activity, even those on land, that threatens the sanctity of the oceans through what are deemed excessive greenhouse gas emissions would be subject to international approval similar to the “global test” then-Sen. Kerry said all our actions should be subject to.”

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2 thoughts on “LOST: Secretary Kerry Still Pushing Law Of The Sea Treaty”

  1. There is no advantage to the US, or any other soverign nation. LOST is a UN vehicle to tax any take (fish, oil, minerals, etc.) from international waters. It also redefines “international waters.” It simply gives the UN a neverending source of income.

  2. Secretary Kerry needs to become transparent and produce a White Paper that analyzes LOST by focusing upon the provisions that specifically favor the US along with those that are disadvantageous. Based upon my limited knowledge of traditional maritime law I not aware of much in the treaty to cheer about.

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