Keystone XL Hypocrisy: Opponent Tom Friedman rails about home energy use despite living in mega-mansion

Friedman writes in his Sunday NYTimes column:

If Keystone gets approved, environmentalists should have a long shopping list ready, starting with a price signal that discourages the use of carbon-intensive fuels in favor of low-carbon energy. Nothing would do more to clean our air, drive clean-tech innovation, weaken petro-dictators and reduce the deficit than a carbon tax. One prays this will become part of the budget debate. Also, the president can use his authority under the Clean Air Act to order reductions in CO2 emissions from existing coal power plants and refiners by, say, 25 percent. He could then do with the power companies what he did with autos: negotiate with them over the fairest way to achieve that reduction in different parts of the country. We also need to keep the president’s feet to the fire on the vow in his State of the Union address to foster policies that could “cut in half the energy wasted by our homes and businesses over the next 20 years.”

Here is a photo of Friedman’s Bethesda, MD digs… imagine the CO2 footprint!

4 thoughts on “Keystone XL Hypocrisy: Opponent Tom Friedman rails about home energy use despite living in mega-mansion”

  1. This is a case of, “Do as I say, not as I do.” Al, and the other eco-elitist, will continue to live in their four big mansions and fly on private jets, sail on their luxury yachts, ride in stretch limos and run up electric bills 20X of the rest of us. They have no intension of stopping their life style of the rich and famous to “save the planet”. The rest of us, the great unwashed to the elitists, will have to live in government approved caves

  2. The lawnmower used to cut the grass leaves a bigger carbon “footprint” then most American’s do.


  3. This must be the wrong picture. Surely his house would covered in solar panels and the landscape dotted with wind mills.

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