2 thoughts on “Greens petition Supreme Court to reinstate EPA cross-state air pollution rule”

  1. Stop the madness of the EPA, IRS and DOE – end DC power over States . .

    Visit and join in the fight to restore States rights and powers over the Federal Government and the Courts. Print the brochure and make copies for all your local and State elected officials – get involved with saving and Keeping the REPUBLIC as Franklin warned. Take the money and the power from DC and the lobbyist army will fade into the pages of history – failed Progressive controls will leave our industries and schools to our local government and our State Legislatures to make laws and rule for WE THE PEOPLE – this will restore Freedom and Liberty to us all. Founders said the Federal government should be small, limited powers and weak and the States should be strong and unlimited. Will you fight so we can leave the children of the future Free and with the Liberties given by the Creator? Let us roll.


  2. I hope the Supreme Court elects not to hear this appeal, it and the green agenda have done sufficient damage for a while.

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