9 thoughts on “Gore: Skeptics down to 0.1% of scientists”

  1. Great idea! Surely these scientists would love to come forward and show their allegiance to climate change–except maybe the lone hold outs, but by now their careers are trashed anyway. So, com big Al, name names!!

  2. I don’t tweet, but it seems to me that he is making a very specific claim. So, my quesiton to him would be, name them! That way, the list can be published and those that he lists can be contacted for scientific verification and others can be invited to “join the list” one way or another.

  3. So did ALL 33,666 other scientists respond to Al? Did Al send out a survey? If he didn’t, then where did the 34 number come from. If he did, exactly how many of those 33,700 responded? 100? 500? 1000? 34 out of 100, 500, or even 1000, is certainly a different order of magnitude than 34 out of 33,700. Is he quoting someone else’s survey. Then link me to it, Al. And such nice numbers – exactly 34, not 35 or 40. And 33,700, not 34,000 or 33,500. Such precision!
    Of course, I wouldn’t expect Gore to understand how to conduct a poll and how to interpret the results. He doesn’t even understand science. He’s just a politician with an agenda and skin in the game.
    And don’t get me started on those who get their “facts” off Twitter.

  4. Come on people. By now you have to have figured out Big Al went into theology because he could not pass third grade math, let alone anything at college level. Cut the man some slack–he’s numerically challenged.

  5. Has there ever been that kind of total agreement on anything in the entire history of the world? Last time I checked, scientists were a rather cantankerous group. This statement would sound foolish if a 5th grader had made it. Why does Al Gore get a pass?

  6. Meanwhile, in the real world only ONE of them has to be *right*.

    Gore has trouble even spelling consensus (only one ‘o’ – unless of course you’re as rich as Croesus and have a personal carbon footprint larger than Switzerland).

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