Gore predicted NYC flooding? Yes — 185 years after it first happened!

AL Gore claims to have predicted the Sandy-caused flooding of NYC.

From an Inc. interview with Al Gore:

Last year the U.S. spent $110 billion in climate-related disaster damage. Gore said the single most common criticism he’d gotten from deniers of his global-warming claims was regarding the animation showing ocean water flowing into the World Trade Center memorial site. “It happened as of last October, way ahead of schedule,” he said, referring to Superstorm Sandy.

But NYC’s first storm-related flood occurred about 185 years before Al Gore started doing his scary slide shows. According to NYC.gov:


Reaching the City on September 3, 1821, the storm was one of the only hurricanes believed to have passed directly over parts of modern New York City. The tide rose 13 feet in one hour and inundated wharves, causing the East River to converge into the Hudson River across lower Manhattan as far north as Canal Street. However, few deaths were attributed to the storm because flooding was concentrated in neighborhoods with far fewer homes than exist today.

4 thoughts on “Gore predicted NYC flooding? Yes — 185 years after it first happened!”

  1. Low coastal cities and all low laying coastal have been subjected to flooding throughout time. There is a simple lesson to be taken from this experience, especially in places like New Orleans, the concept is simple below or near sea level, high tide wet ass.

  2. Low coastal cities are vulnerable places by definition. As I understand the flow of things, an East Coast area like New York is more vulnerable than a West Coast area like Los Angeles. Florida is too narrow to make a lot of difference.
    London has long feared Thames tidal flooding and they’ve had many projects to try to manage such an incident. Those projects began long before the term “global warming” was coined.

  3. NYC.gov appears to have folded. Fortunately this has not expunged all mentions of the 1821 hurricane from the web. Perhaps our Alarmist friends are still working on that. Until that, read about the history of NYC hurricanes. Unfortunately for Mr. Gore, reality ultimately rules.


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