Gore likens skepticism to violent alcoholism

Possibly he’s projecting?

From an NPR interview:

…It’s almost like a family with an alcoholic father who flies into a rage if alcohol is mentioned. And so the rest of the family decides to keep the peace by never discussing the elephant in the middle of the room. And that is what the deniers have attempted to accomplish…

5 thoughts on “Gore likens skepticism to violent alcoholism”

  1. Listening to some liberals talk today, I think the rank and file liberals are like battered wives–they believe Obama can beat up their bad siblings (the Republicans), spend the rent money on vacations, steal from their college funds, etc, because “he works sooo hard and he really, really cares about his followers”, even when he’s smacking them around and leaving them homeless. He really is a nice guy–you just keep seeing the bad side of him. This is just what one hears from battered wives. Only this is half the country…..It’s very, very scary.

  2. And there I was thinking that Gore would not debate with Monckton.
    I must have got that back to front.

  3. Really? Then why are the warmists the ones saying skeptics houses should burn down, skeptics should be jailed, etc. It does seem there’s a bit of projecting in this. Maybe more than a bit.

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