4 thoughts on “FDA to make green a protected color on candy bar labels?”

  1. Candy does not induce diabetes or obesity, although eating a lot of it will probably contribute to obesity or diabetes in individuals already prone thereto.
    Grist and the federal government have no business or authority deciding what colors belong on what wrappers, for heaven’s sake.
    Plus their website has annnooooying pop-ups.

  2. If a car company paints a car green would it cause people to think it’s good for the environment?

  3. “[M]isunderstandings were particularly prevalent among those who place high importance on healthy eating.”

    Another interpretation of the study results might be: Those (in the study) who place a high importance on healthy eating, while eating green labeled candy bars, aren’t so bright.

  4. Enviro nonsense is/has been pounded into every little school kid whose brain is full of mush for years, so what would you expect but to have our poorly educated population react like a robot to a green label.

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