3 thoughts on “EPA GHG rules for new coal plants likely delayed until 2014 due to legal and policy uncertainties; Enviros likely to sue”

  1. If the rules keep getting delayed, we can hope they’ll be delayed fatally. A lot like rationing care by waiting list, except the outcome will be good.

  2. The carbon/climate scammers intend to use the World Bank as its money-launderer to first, line their pockets, and then distribute what’s left to the third world. “Here comes Team Obama’s carbon tax . . .” (Climate Depot) links to the Fox News report, which in turn provides a link to the World Bank’s publication “Inclusive Green Growth: The Pathway to Sustainable Development.”
    On p. 2 of the FIGURES chapter, one will find the graphic “The three pillars of sustainable development.” This is Agenda 21, pure and simple.

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