3 thoughts on “EPA GHG rules for new coal plants likely delayed until 2014 due to legal and policy uncertainties; Enviros likely to sue”

  1. The carbon/climate scammers intend to use the World Bank as its money-launderer to first, line their pockets, and then distribute what’s left to the third world. “Here comes Team Obama’s carbon tax . . .” (Climate Depot) links to the Fox News report, which in turn provides a link to the World Bank’s publication “Inclusive Green Growth: The Pathway to Sustainable Development.”
    On p. 2 of the FIGURES chapter, one will find the graphic “The three pillars of sustainable development.” This is Agenda 21, pure and simple.

  2. If the rules keep getting delayed, we can hope they’ll be delayed fatally. A lot like rationing care by waiting list, except the outcome will be good.

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