Daily Beast: Climate change a ‘civilization killer’; Need to ‘steamroll deniers’

“It’s quixotic to think that humanity can take any action to reverse the overtaxing of the oceans’ ability to absorb CO2 (evidenced by the seas’ increasing acidity) on any timeframe meaningful to those living today.”

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3 thoughts on “Daily Beast: Climate change a ‘civilization killer’; Need to ‘steamroll deniers’”

  1. None of these idiots who tell us about “acidification” has ever stuck a pH probe in a bottle of sea water while sparging it with CO2 (or breathing through it). That’s too hi-tech for them — even for those that have a pH-meter on their bench and have access to sea water. The crooks know about it. They can give a lecture to entire university departments and walk away unchallenged.

  2. Another bright mind telling us that scientist and politicians can control the climate if we were only to fork over enough do and the peasants reverted to some more primitive life style. Using Sandy as an example is silly, but they seem to get away with it because no one laughs. If you build on low lands, in a flood plain, near the ocean where an infrequent large storm with lots of tidal surge and wind happens, you are very likely to get flooded. The same for living near rivers. It is a calculated risk the folks living there take. They are not victims of come evil cabal of “deniers.”

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