2 thoughts on “CNN Emptyhead Mika Brzezinski: Soda is ‘killing our children… liquid poison’”

  1. This is a result of widespread pseudo-science, it is what makes Whole Foods rich and organic food expensive. I know people who actually believe eating at McDonalds once could shorten their life. I know people who actually fear HFCS and believe there is a conspiracy to poison them. The funny thing is when Bush was in office it was a government conspiracy and now that Obama is in office it has become a big business conspiracy. At this point I am convinced this is a mental disease.

  2. Her dad was pretty feeble as National Security Advisor too.
    I’m sure one could drink soda to the point of displacing healthier things to eat and drink, as one can with candy. That hardly makes it poison. How about I’ll raise my kids (actually, I already did) and Mika raises hers? I’ll try to be quiet when she’s a prissy scold if she’ll leave me alone when I’m a permissive push-over.

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