Climategate 3.0: World Wildlife Fund commissions yet another UEA climate project

The World Wildlife Fund seems to own the University of East Anglia researchers.

See highlighted text in e-mail, below.

date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 17:27:34 +0100
from: Kate Marks
subject: South Africa
Dear Dr Hulme
My name is Dr.Dominic Kniveton and I am currently a temporary lecturer at
the Department of Geography, University of Bristol (many years ago,
1985-88, I was an undergraduate in ENV at UEA). Over the summer I am
intending to go to the University of Durban-Westville, South Africa for
a short sabbatical, to teach Applied Climatology to second year students,
and pursue some research in drought prediction and the regional
effects of climate change on invasive plant growth. On the
course I intend addressing the implications of the two following topics:
1: the availability and variability in South African regional
2: climatic change
Now, I understand that you produced a report commisioned by WWF
International on Climatic Change and Southern Africa and wondered if you
could tell me how I may obtain a copy.
I would also very much appreciate
if you could tell me of any other material that may be suitable for the
above. I hope I am not being too cheeky in asking this and thanks in
Yours sincerely
Dom Kniveton
Department of Geography
University of Bristol
University Road
United Kingdom

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