Climategate 3.0: Skeptics ‘a bit like the GM anarchists… self-defeating’

Who’s been defeated? Not the skeptics!

The e-mail is below.


date: Thu Aug 5 17:47:59 1999
from: Mike Hulme
subject: Re: FW: Warming Sceptics
to: Philip Eden
Yes, these sorts of interviews are always unsatisfactory.
I know nothing about Abrams or his company, but I know he is not alone!!
There are a number of documents like the one you mention around, but of course
the skeptics will always shift ground so nothing provides the definitive knockdown
argument. The difficulty is we could spend all our time doing this and not
advance the science any further. A bit like the GM anarchists who destroy the
fields of crops which are being tested to find out just whether or not there
*is* a risk from GMOs – it’s self-defeating in the end.
At 10:51 04/08/99 +0100, you wrote:
>> —–Original Message—–
>> From: Philip Eden
>> Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 1999 10:13 AM
>> To: ‘’
>> Subject: Warming Sceptics
>> Mike
>> Thanks for taking part in the Global Warming thing yesterday
>> morning. I’m sorry the treatment is always so superficial on
>> these occasions, but that I suppose is the level of the public
>> debate.
>> Nevertheless, the item did bring one sceptic out of the
>> woodwork.
>> The gentleman concerned is called Bernard Abrams, his
>> company is called Environmental Monitoring and Analysis
>> and he is based in Cheltenham.
>> Have you come across him? If you know where he’s coming
>> from, any vested interests, etc, I would be very grateful …
>> indeed, I would be interested in any list of sceptics you
>> may have.
>> Do you have, or have you ever thought of producing, a
>> rebuttal document outlining in simple terms the fallacies
>> in the various arguments that the sceptics use? I’m sure
>> weather forecasters, specialists journalists, etc, would
>> be very grateful to lay their hands on something like that.
>> Best wishes
>> Philip Eden
>> Radio 5-Live

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